Public Health/Hospital/Medical Center
Gateway city is located near public and private health center in chachoangsao province.
Public Health Center
There was one general hospital with 503 beds, 9 local hospitals with 390 beds and 119 health centers (which can divided into 20 large health centers and 99 general health centers) .
Private Health Center
There are 3 private hospitals located in the city area. As the following
  • So Tharavet Hospital
  • The Christian hospital in Bang Khla district in Chachoengsao Province
Training Institute
Technical school
  • Chachoengsao Skill Development Denter
  • Technology Chachoengsao College
  • Technic Chachoengsao College
  • Chachoengsao Vocational School
  • Rajabhat University, Chacheongsao
Bangpakong Riverside Golf Club
20 Mins from
  Gateway City

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